As I stand on the plains,

Watching you creep from the mountains

Far away in the horizon

And over the forests you extend your rays

Birds wake and sing in all languages

To usher the very new day

How with might you rise above

Just to watch over the universe

As children tread in search of education

Drivers work on their commuters

And office doors creak in opening

All signals you pass across the globe

The heat in form of radiation

Makes the solar industry nascent

And farmers’ hearts scream with joy

When the moist grains in their granaries get dry

As I focus much

When scientists think to their limit

Just to get near you, but how?

Your weapon, heat, spares none

And no one dares come a kilometre closer

The scorching sun

by; Krop Kapelion


Here on this beautiful lawn
Where green grass and flowers blossom
As every dawn gives my heart comfort
In a home where your heart made me a selectee
Where scented flowers bloom unanimously
That I’ll inhale and live to exhale endless love

Here on this beautiful lawn
Where i sit to read a novel
But in between the lines i see your lovely face
I see your rosy cheeks
I see a smile; a smile you had all along preserved for me

Down there deep in my book
I see your sparkling eyes, beaming with love
Searching mine for affection
Affection that is ready to meet the one i desire
Standing before me in my world of fantasy
The selectee who owns and understands my heart

And now i throw away my pen
For it’s deprived of ink
With no more words in my dictionary to say about you
I’m convinced that we’re in love, not a delusion
I don’t like you my love, I love you dear
I don’t need you, my honey bunch, you’re always there for me

It took me a minute to have a crush on you
I liked you an hour later
By bed time that evening, I had fallen in love with you
And i have no lifetime to forget you, but
A lifetime to love you…..
                               by;Krop Brian Kapelion


My pen is deprived of ink
Here it lies on my desk, on top of a paper
My pencil is a past
For its carbon is no more
Since it has written all my pain, my happiness, my character
And my moments can’t describe
For no dictionary has the right words
To tell about the person held in the cage of my skin

The mirror is my new enemy, I say
For i can’t stand looking
At the person in it, mind in shambles
Whose past was swept away to the deepest waters
By the ebbing tides of the endless ocean
That holds its waters to the horizon
Where no one can locate for it’s in the heart
The heart of the home of hungry, insuperable sharks

That person was more than the contrast,
Of the one caged by my skin
For he had more than the innocence of an infant,
At the minute of delivery
More silent, thoughtful, well behaved
                                       by;Krop Brian Kapelion


Hither and thither they go
No man can tell where
The crowd with hitmen and thieves
Even a hit squad might be on a mission
To kill the old fellow selling hoagies at the corner
For he spilled the beans about a deal
When he agreed to conceal it after doing the blue act
To the woman selling daiquiri in the bar

But something attracts my attention
From the balcony of my flat, where i stand
A man in tatters lying on the path,
An old mug near his chest
He wakes up and shakes it to produce some noise
As some added something to it
Others stepped on him, spat while some,
Couldn’t spare him tirades of expletives

How they went to church every Sabbath
Only to be saints in bright daylight
But devils in the midst of darkness
A wolf in a sheep’s skin

Hospitality missed their dictionaries
Pity has been erased either
But the truth shall for once prevail
When it will rise and dawn on them
That the world is round and full of surprises
                                       by; Krop Brian Kapelion


Pffff!I sigh heavily after putting my dusty red bags on the floor.I have arrived from a whole year’s holiday, actually it was just a month.It was just the hell of a place!The only place that I had longed to visit now turned out to be hell.I thought it would be fun but fun took place in huge maize farms and banana plantations!The way I used to enjoy watching cartoons in the evenings but chasing these ndamas and fat hens was what became the order of the day.

Those days you miss mum but you will never listen to her voice since no one there has a phone!Today the one i sneaked with, having even one bar of network is like winning a lottery!My girlfriend needs me most but for a whole month we can’t talk.Your phone at that time is like a gaming device or even a toy.Yaani this hell of a place can afford a successful break-up with your girl!!

Then nakumbuka I last saw a snack, popcorns,zenyenilinunua on my way there.The best things there was a quarter chapo on my arrival.Hizisikuzingine just survive kwa ugali na zilembogaulichuna kwa shamba my friend. Then kuna kitu ilikua inaniumanga sana,unapambanakula some bitter leaves they call mboga and then someone hapo nyuma confidently says,”Hizimboga ni tamuu.”Wallai I always feel like clobbering such fellows.

Alafu another things is water.At Home you are used to it in the bathroom,lounge , kitchen and everywhere. That place is a mini-army base,water is found at the river, down the slope..Can you just imagine kuoga along the river banks alafu unaona some four girls,watoto wa jirani,wamechotamaji just some metres away from the nude you!!浪.They are just walking away giggling with jerricans balanced on their heads.Hapondio huwa unasikiakuhama my friend.

Then there was this funny thing. At home ukioga, mum has no issue so long as you are her smart kid. Huko let me tell you, ukioga tu before saa naneutaskiaunaulizwa,”UNAENDAWAPI!” Jeesus! It’s like you have to look dirty hadi saa nane!Then i have to thank that place so much because it made me love school.Yaani shule unaamshwa four uende preps hata at least unaeza lala.Hukounaamshwa four kwenda kupaliliamahindi!!

Then there was always this person who could never stop watching you.Not that utapotea,nooo, it’s like she can’t see other things without you in them!!Aki shosh,huko kwako kuna mamboo,,

by:Krop Brian Kapelion


Chasing you is like a dream,but i wanna make it a reality
i see the first days of our lives together,not long ago
Stringing together as I know we’re simulacrums
Images of our future we make them out together
I know and see our romance arena
Filled with hot masticated love and affection
Rolling down the gullet of time
Being absorbed into the stomach of the near future
Assimilated into the bloodstream of life
Squirming with great expectations

Allow our hearts to traverse miles together
In this meticulous vessel of feelings
Like a shadow in the morning and evening
We shall sail together, the duo astitutes
And dock in the port of love
As i steer the wheel of the ship of life
I see that special day
When those lips will approach mine
Radiant with ecstatic determination
When the greatest non contact force
Will wildly pull each towards the other

The force of love and cacophonous frenzies
Of great affection in the blood
Bringing ur face closer to mine
Mad with love, wild with emotions
Bewitched by the endless feelings
And driven by the desire and need for each soul
                by;Krop Brian Kapelion


When love became nascent in my life,it ushered this sweet feeling
This sweet feeling of staring at my small phone waiting
For a text from her,,my crushee, at any moment or two

Then here comes my early ages, about twenties, in love
How it became even more sweeter, full of fun
With my boyfriend and I spending hour building castles in the air
Building a mansion and a huge backyard
Where we would sit and watch our children play
Building a garage full of posh vehicles
For travelling to the countryside to see what The Most High
Did not allow those in the big cities to see
How we would run around the mansion
Knocking down everything as we giggled
Only to replace them the next morning

How those moments when we would cook together
In our actual small brick house
When he would shower praises ob me like never
Calling me every romantic name he knew and ever heard of
‘My Queen’, ‘My Princess’, name them
Actually, if he would be paid every moment he thought of me,,,
He could be a billionaire by then

Then here comes my earlt thirties,, in love
With the mansion and posh vehicles out of mind
Someone’s son sits beside me comfortably
A pen and paper at hand, dexterously calculating retirement benefits
When ‘hun’ changes to ‘hey’ with designation
with no more texts signing off with “I LOVE YOU”!!!
                  by;Krop Brian Kapelion